Illusions Faux & Finishes: Custom Painted Finishes in the Oklahoma City area

Illusions Faux silver accent panel island-after brick-wall buffet vanity

Illusions Finishes will make your home reflect your style.

You want:

  • furniture accent piece that is the focal point of your room
  • a custom mural that absolutely delights you
  • a unique kitchen island that is the envy of the neighbors
Hi, I'm Carol Webster. My sister, Marilyn, and I created Illusions Faux & Finishes because we believe that using paint+experience+creativity is a fantastic formula for falling in love with your home.
My custom-designed paint finishes and murals require specialized training and experience and the finest professional-grade paint and tools that I can buy. I blend these things together to give you a gorgeous painted finish on cabinets, furniture, and walls that will make you fall in love with your room.
Find a look that makes your heart sing or work with me to create your own.
Check out my Gallery of Finishes, visit my portfolio of completed projects and murals and meet me.

Carol Webster, professional finisher and designer, has been transforming surfaces with paint for more than 25 years. Illusions Faux & Finishes was started in 2009 to give surfaces that distinctive look that makes a home special.